The Gentle Guide to Plant-Powered Fitness.  Gentle Vegan

The Gentle Guide to Plant-Powered Fitness

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By Michael Markens, Gentle Vegan (Editor)

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Explore the connection between fitness and a plant-based diet in "The Gentle Guide to Plant-Powered Fitness." Discover how you can enhance your physical performance while also promoting your health and protecting the environment. This book combines scientifically backed nutritional guidelines with effective training methods for a holistic approach to fitness. Learn how targeted plant-based nutrition and conscious training routines can lead to increased energy, better recovery, and enhanced performance. "The Gentle Guide" goes beyond traditional fitness guides by combining a vegan lifestyle with sustainable fitness. Begin your journey to improved fitness, supported by the natural power of plant-based nutrition, and become part of a community committed to health, sustainability, and the well-being of our planet.

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