Facets of the American South.  Frédérique Spill

Facets of the American South

Biblioteca Javier Coy d'Estudis Nord-Americans

By Autores varios, Gérald Préher (Editor), Frédérique Spill (Editor)

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This collection of essays brings together an international group of scholars who discuss various facets of the American South in popular culture, literature, the arts, and throughout history. It includes reflections on place, on the importance of memory in shaping individual identity, and on race, class and gender. All the contributions confirm Howard's Zinn's idea that the South "is not damnable, but marvelously useful, as a mirror in which the nation can see its blemishes magnified, so that it will hurry to correct them." This volume sheds light on the "marvelous" sides of the South though it does not overlook its darker ones, thus making it possible to better understand this peculiar region.

Frédérique Spill