Anne of Avonlea.  L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Avonlea


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Anne of Avonlea is a novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Montgomery was a Canadian author best known for a collection of novels, essays, short stories, and poetry. Anne Shirley is about to start her first term teaching at the Avonlea school and soon finds herself in the midst of adventure and dilemma. Excerpt: "A September day on Prince Edward Island hills; a crisp wind blowing up over the sand dunes from the sea; a long red road, winding through fields and woods, now looping itself about a corner of thick set spruces, now threading a plantation of young maples with great feathery sheets of ferns beneath them, now dipping down into a hollow where a brook flashed out of the woods and into them again, now basking in open sunshine between ribbons of golden-rod and smoke-blue asters; air athrill with the pipings of myriads of crickets, those glad little pensioners of the summer hills; a plump brown pony ambling along the road; two girls behind him, full to the lips with the simple, priceless joy of youth and life."

L. M. Montgomery

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  • December 30, 2018
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