The Invasions of England.  Gordon Home

The Invasions of England


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Edward Foord and Gordon Home set out to create a definitive history on those greedy occupiers' invasions, attacks, and interference who were targeting England over many centuries, longing for her rolling green hills, fertile soils, and hidden assets. There was an overall absence of precise knowledge on the subject of the invasions of England. The objective was to help clear all the misconceptions regarding the matter. This effort by Foord and Gordon was something that had not earlier been attempted. The authors have tried to shed new light on some of the most popular conquests and victories on British soil. From the great campaign in which the Roman general Paulinus destroyed the British struggle for freedom under Boudicca to the Viking ravages and Napoleon's 'design,' this book has it all.

Gordon Home

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  • December 30, 2018
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