The wonder product milk kefir.  Thorsten Hawk

The wonder product milk kefir

By Thorsten Hawk

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? The wonder product milk kefir ? Make kefir yourself with milk kefir tubers for a healthy gut. Simple instructions on how to make it with kefir mushrooms. Incl. 3 recipe ideas Kefir is an extremely healthy food. In order for you to get the full potential of kefir, you should make it yourself. It's easier than you might think. The following guide will tell you how to make kefir, what you need, and how to use and store everything. You will learn about the history of kefir and the milk kefir tuber, about its extremely positive effect on your body and what you should pay attention to during production. Since a homemade kefir is ready after two days at the latest and the kefir tuber is ready for use again immediately, you will learn how to take a break from production and you will also receive a few recipe suggestions. There are many ways to use kefir, from smoothies to bread, many things are doable. Read through our milk kefir guide at your leisure and get inspired. Maybe you will discover a new passion, for a versatile, delicious and healthy food, the milk kefir.

Thorsten Hawk

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  • December 26, 2021
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