Proper Quail Guide for Beginners.  Thorsten Hawk

Proper Quail Guide for Beginners

By Thorsten Hawk

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? Proper Quail Guide for Beginners ? 1x1 Guide to Quail Keeping and Breeding Japanese Laying Quail. Perfect Quail Raising. A wonderful Poultry Breeds Why it's worth keeping quail: In recent years, quail has become one of the most popular birds in hobby keeping and professional breeding. The reasons for this are obvious: Quails - in contrast to chickens, for example - have relatively manageable requirements in terms of space, feed and their general housing conditions. In addition, they have an extremely friendly, rather reserved nature, which makes dealing with them particularly uncomplicated and pleasant. Due to their fine character and the quite fulfilling demands on owner and keeper, the little ones are excellently suited for beginners and newcomers in the field of breeding and keeping. This guide provides all the information you need to get started with quail keeping or breeding. Here you will learn everything you need to know to make sure that keeping, caring and living together works out in the long run. The following topics are covered: the different quail breeds and their typical characteristics, the nature and character of quails, size, age and laying performance, the correct and species-appropriate housing: different forms of enclosures and their advantages and disadvantages, what equipment you need for the enclosure, how and when to clean and muck out, which food is the best and which foods are not suitable, how to get your quails through the winter, what diseases there are, and what to do if your quails get sick, the right way to deal with vacations and longer absences, quail breeding: how natural brood and artificial brood work, how chicks are fed and raised, legal framework for keeping and slaughtering, and much more!

Thorsten Hawk

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  • December 26, 2021
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