The new Peruvian cuisine.  Teófilo Altamirano Rua

The new Peruvian cuisine

In the era of climate change, environmental pollution, migrations and masculinization

By Eric Altamirano Girao, Teófilo Altamirano Rua

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The book is intended to be, not considered as a recipe list, neither as the development of regional cuisine history, as well as the discussion of food inputs. On the contrary, the main objective is to analyse the consolidation of the new Peruvian cuisine as a national and global brand, considering evolutive components such as internal migration, the hybridization of diverse internal and international sources to explain the Peruvian culinary "boom". The book blends together the Altamirano's efforts, father, and son, to analyse facts barely known of the national food industriy, like the palpable stagnation and decline of the so called "nueva cocina peruana". At the same time, the book highlights the book of la "nueva cocina peruana" around the world, namely in countries where reside most Peruvians such as USA, European Union, Japan, Chle and Argentina.

Teófilo Altamirano Rua

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