Coronavirus COVID-19.  Jean Pierre Wenger

Coronavirus COVID-19

By Jean Pierre Wenger

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What´s behind the COVID-19 pandemic? Has the virus jumped from an animal such as a bat or a pangolin to humans, or was it designed in a laboratory and specially released with a purpose? Conspiracy theories do not point in only one direction. Friends and enemies embrace the same illusions and blame each other. While Donald Trump had the questionable occurrence of renaming the coronavirus as "Kung Flu", accusations have been raised from some sectors of the Chinese government that point to the United States. Even Bill Gates was accused by a totally questionable organization, as the brain behind releasing the virus in order to market his own vaccines. Discover the strangest conspiracy theories and the most relevant data regarding the restriction of individual liberties by the quarantines decreed country by country.

Jean Pierre Wenger

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  • 9789877444292
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  • December 29, 2019
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