Coronavirus COVID-19.  Jean Pierre Wenger

Coronavirus COVID-19

By Jean Pierre Wenger

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Time is the most important factor in this race against the clock. From Marseille, specialist Didier Raoult claims to have found an effective and economical treatment against COVID-19: chloroquine. Other people bet on remdesivir, proven in previous outbreaks of coronavirus, SARS and MERS, or on the combination of ritonavir and lopinavir, used for HIV treatment, while others speak of the combination of the latter with interferon beta, a drug used for Hepatitis C. In the middle of this scenario, another treatment based on the plasma of the patients infected with COVID-19 and recovered, starts to gain attention. The path of immunoglobulin, human plasma and the Catalan laboratory Grifols is associated with a history of geopolitical strategies and global health policies, in which both Wikileaks and Bill Gates play a fundamental role, and in which international cooperation is presented as the only way to confront this horrible pandemic.

Jean Pierre Wenger

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  • December 29, 2019
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