Studies and Caprices.  Max Rostal

Studies and Caprices

Essential Exercises

By Jacob Dont, Max Rostal (Editor)

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'The Austrian violinist Jacob Dont (1815-1888) was also a highly esteemed teacher and composer. He wrote mainly major educational works, over 50 of which have become quite well-known. Dont's 'Etüden und Capricen' Op. 35 were arranged for the viola by Max Rostal who also added preparatory exercises and variants. 'Etüden und Capricen' covers all technical demands with regard to arpeggios, double stops, dexterity, change of position, legato, change of string, types of bowing, trills and appoggiaturas, thus laying the foundation for practising any repertoire.

Max Rostal

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  • December 26, 2021
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