Cello Studies.  Julia Müller-Runte

Cello Studies

Essential Exercises

By Bernhard Cossmann, Julia Müller-Runte (Editor)

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The Violoncello Studies by Bernhard Cossmann (1822-1910) provide specific exercises for the development of the left hand such as double stop trill studies, finger dexterity exercises, chord, scale and thumb position studies which intensively include the use of the fourth finger in particular. This is what gives these studies their special value and make them indispensable to the training as a cellist. They are aimed at the advanced pupil and student, but also at the professionally trained cellist who wants to improve and maintain the dexterity and velocity of the left-hand fingers by means of short exercises.

Julia Müller-Runte

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  • December 27, 2020
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