Minimalism.  Jan Wolter


By Jan Wolter

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During the composition of this book, the author travelled with a small belly bag and three dozen utensils, such as passport, smartphone, prayer beads and hygiene articles for 10 days through Scandinavia and back across the Baltic States, once around the Baltic Sea, back to the capital Berlin. Exemplary minimal, and first of all, to underline what is written, the author says: Anyone can do that! This book is conducted in a series called "Travel, learn, grow" with many other books in hand, we aim to help the individual to live a life plus. PLUS means peaceful living uniting spiritual and mundane. Going green, living happy relationship and giving our soul the freedom to search. It is inspired by countless individuals and projects around the world. The author, a Bhakti-yoga practitioner, not only draws from seven years of world travel but of the wisdom texts of this world as well as from sages and saints whom one can trust. Living an example and bringing food to the world, that is the mission. In this instalment of travel, learn, grow special attention is given to renunciation and putting everything in the service of the good world, in God consciousness, one can do good for all. This minimalistic approach more or less came spontaneously to the author and helped him to develop good habits. With great help of master renunciates like monks and sages, the author followed along a journey of detachment and freedom to help others into a more conscious and holistic life. That is the practice of yoga. Plus, one can attain loving devotion to this perfect process of service to God, that in regards is called Bhakti. Peace, Love and Unity in the Spirit for the World, Amen, Om tat sat Your humble author

Jan Wolter

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  • December 26, 2021
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