Be Bliss!.  Jan Wolter

Be Bliss!

By Jan Wolter

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Are you also looking for happiness? We are all looking for happiness, this eternal wisdom sits deep in one. Armed with timeless texts, we embark on a journey to happiness. The path is clear, and leads through the landscape of life, where every step means a connection to nature and oneself. Along the paths of happiness and misfortune, We recognise the goal of true, constant and lasting bliss. This is inherent in every human being, just like the light of the sun. Learn from beautiful stories how happiness has always found a way, how saints see happiness, and kings even become happy. Learn meditation techniques along the way, which you can repeat every day to receive inner joy and happiness. Simple processes, such as cherishing thanksgiving of a little something, raise awareness and make it clear that happiness can be found everywhere and in everyone. Yes, even for every misfortune there is a meaning, and the simple solution is through truthfulness, humility and knowledge. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can draw from the source of bliss and emancipate it in everyday life. This source is essential to be found in every heart of every living being. Now, also find inner happiness and draw from the source of In this book we can go on a beautiful journey together for happiness. The Holy Scriptures say: ?nanda-mayo 'bhy?s?t (Ved?nta-s?tra 1.1.12) - "We are all looking for ?nanda, bliss." The eternal journey to happiness is wonderful and beautiful, all wise beings confirm this. One day the traveller left the house in search of the delight. "A story of happiness weaves into philosophy and spiritual guidance, well worth a read." "Based on scriptural evidence this work delivers timeless advice." "Joyful, like a dance."

Jan Wolter

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  • December 26, 2021
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