The Agamemnon of Aeschylus.  Gilbert Murray

The Agamemnon of Aeschylus

By Gilbert Murray (Traductor)

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Agamemnon is the first play in Aeschylus' trilogy about the chain of murders that took place in the family of Agamemnon after the conclusion of the Trojan War. In Aeschylus' play, Artemis is angry about the young men who will die at Troy. Excerpt: "The sense of difficulty, and indeed of awe, with which a scholar approaches the task of translating the Agamemnon depends directly on its greatness as poetry. It is in part a matter of diction. The language of Aeschylus is an extraordinary thing, the syntax stiff and simple, the vocabulary obscure, unexpected, and steeped in splendor. Its peculiarities cannot be disregarded, or the translation will be false in character. Yet not Milton himself could produce in English the same great music, and a translator who should strive ambitiously to represent the complex effect of the original would clog his own powers of expression and strain his instrument to breaking…"

Gilbert Murray